Program Highlights

We offer a variety of unique specialties -each is related to the dynamic and changing world in which we live. The purpose of the specializations is to provide significant added value and an occupational advantage.
The best lecturers in Israel - we have chosen some of the leading lecturers in Israel who come from the heart of the business world. They bring their diverse and complementary perspectives to the classroom to upgrade your thinking ability, work tools, and professional skills.
The studies combine face-to-face learning and online sessions via Zoom. All lectures are recorded and available for use anywhere, at any time. This setup allows our students to deeply understand the material within a flexible structure.


Our MBA program is taught at Kiryat Ono, Jerusalem, and Haifa campuses. You can choose your closest or preferred campus at your convenience.
Within our studies, learning occurs both on and offline, with face-to-face education in a classroom and recorded and live sessions via Zoom. 


We live in an era of dynamic markets, globalization, disruptive events, and crises. This era poses significant challenges for employees and managers. The MBA program at Ono Academic College offers future leaders the tools and knowledge to deal with these challenges.

The MBA program will teach you about entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, digital marketing, data science, fintech, cyber, and more. These subjects help individuals to understand and foster trends within the business world. They will also allow students to showcase their ambitious personalities upon completing the program and stand out to potential employers. 

During the degree, you will acquire an analytical-management toolbox that will allow you to face future challenges in your career. As graduates of the Master’s degree in business administration, MBA, you will enter the world of employment with a wide variety of applied tools, professional knowledge, and skills that will allow you to move quickly toward the goals you have set for yourself.

We offer a variety of specializations so that everyone can choose the field that interests them the most.
Click on the specialization that interests you and read more:

  • Information Systems Management and Data Science
  • Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing and Advertising Management
  • Health and Pharma Systems Management
  • Cyber Security & Forensics
  • Finance and Capital Markets
  • Public Administration and Policy
  • Sports Management
  • Resilience Building and Crisis Management
  • Organization Management
  • Actuarial and Risk Management
  • Organization Management, Organizational Behavior and Organizational Consulting with Practical Training
  • Master’s Degree for Managers – IMBA
I Believe
Dr. Ohad Ref
Our MBA program has one main goal; to create a program that allows students to surge forward, personally and professionally. We enable students to fulfill their potential by imparting our knowledge, tools, models, and applications. These will help students to build their managerial wisdom and set them up to create great change in their careers, teams, and workplaces. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of strategic thinking, entrepreneurship, innovation, agility, and how to be a courageous leader. They will also learn effective marketing approaches, technological and financial specifics, and how to navigate the professional world. This is all thanks to our first-class staff of lecturers, made up of researchers and industry professionals. In other words, we are here to fulfill your professional, managerial, and business dreams.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"Completing my Master's degree-MBA studies at Ono Academic College gave me exactly what I needed to kickstart my career as a CEO. I was given practical tools and new ways of thinking that addressed the dynamism of our era. The depth of the program lessons and the lecturers' calibre contributed hugely to my professional and personal development. It’s not exactly easy to attend College while living in Upper Galilee, running a business, and maintaining a healthy family life. But the support of Ono Academic College made me view it as an exciting challenge, rather than the impossible task I once viewed it as.”
Alon Arbel
CEO of Har-Odem Winery
"The lecturers in the Master of Business Administration-MBA degree at Ono Academic College bring a winning combination of extensive theoretical academic knowledge and professional-business experience from the field. As a result, I often found myself using the knowledge and tools I had just learned the day prior in class. Thanks to all I learned there, I have become a business success."
Orna Segev
Marketing and business development consultant, former VP of Marketing and Customers of Splash - Digital Marketing
"I call it the holy trinity of inspiration, enrichment and applied courses. I wish I could go back to being a student. To this day, I am in contact with some of the excellent lecturers who taught and inspired me."
Amir Schneider
Manager, Bank Hapoalim Marketing Headquarters

Study Days and Placement

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