Program Highlights

Our blend of courses will prepare you for the challenges and demands of the marketing world in the current era and give you the knowledge and skills to adapt to a dynamic environment. The curriculum is built in an integrative manner and encompasses marketing, advertising, and communications, each of which is frequently updated to reflect current trends.
Program graduates often acquire senior management positions in marketing, advertising, branding, digital marketing, public relations, and marketing communication management. Some will go on to become external consultants in the aforementioned fields for companies and organizations in the industry. In addition, they are highly employable because of their budget management and strategic planning skills in start-ups and companies that rely on digital marketing.
Marketing and advertising lecturers have a wealth of industry history and bring extensive knowledge and practices from the forefront of the industry. In addition, our faculty is made up of well-known industry leaders and experienced educators.


The world of marketing, advertising, and communications is shifting due to the digital revolution, technological advances, and companies’ international expansion. And with that comes fierce competition, with more players on the board than ever before. This creates a greater demand for those who specialize in their skillset. Today, simply having a quality product is not enough to guarantee economic success. That’s why marketing and advertising management studies have become the most strategic and dominant components of any brand or business today. These skills are an absolute must for building a brand that builds relationships with buying, loyal followers to ensure company sales. 


In light of this, it’s more important than ever to gain an understanding of strategic planning, new product development,  entrepreneurial and creative ideas, digital marketing and brand management in social networks, marketing communication management, media planning, and more. All this is majorly impactful to whether or not you become one of the professionals with competitive advantage and value. Therefore, the specialization program in marketing and advertising management focuses on imparting these tools.

Among the subjects of study:

  • Managing communication and advertising in the digital age
  • Trends, transformations, and innovation in the world of marketing
  • New product development
  • Digital marketing and social networks
  • PR strategy and crisis management
  • Start-up planning and marketing
  • Brand management
  • Value creation and marketing strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Aspects in the management of the organization
  • The basics of financial management
  • Managing business negotiations
  • Entrepreneurship and business innovation
  • Positive leadership in management
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Public and corporate governance
  • Game theory and risk management
  • Business law and financial enforcement
  • Labor Law and Managers Ethics 

To download the program brochure, for the 2023-2024 academic year, with the full list of courses (not including the core courses) – click here

To download the information booklet for the 2023-2024 academic year, an MBA master’s degree that includes the core courses – click here


We have partnered with real companies in the industry to develop an optional practicum program for our students. In this program, students experience practical work in organizations related to their elected area of specialization. Prospective practicum students will submit a formal application for the various practicum placements presented to them. This application process includes interviews with the course faculty and the placement organization. Students interested in an organization that is not on the list can apply, and it will be evaluated according to the criteria of the practicum program.

I Believe
Dr. Michal Shapira Beth Comstock, former CMO & Vice Chair, GE
Marketing's job is never done. It's about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"The master's degree in marketing and advertising allowed me to be at the heart of marketing in the Israeli and global market while still completing my studies. The knowledge I acquired in the degree was a springboard for me to senior positions in the very competitive job market in the fields of marketing, digital, and strategy."
Ilan Sigal
CEO of Pelephone, Yes and Bezeq International
"Studies combined with building a career path in advertising and marketing helped me connect the theory with the field. This was a great foundation of knowledge that I was able to add to over the years with additional skills and knowledge in the sales and customer service areas. What I learned at Ono allowed me to make positive and impactful decisions that allowed me to grow in the business world.”
Karen Shiff
CRO - Chief Revenue Officer, Cello

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