Dr. Daphna Liber

Head of the Bachelor's Degree Behavioral Sciences Program with specialization in Canine-Assisted Therapy ‎and Video Therapy - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Dr. Dafna Lieber is a seasoned psychotherapist and organizational consultant holding a doctorate in psychoanalysis from Bar-Ilan University. Her research focuses on how humans adapt and change in the digital realm, particularly in the context of therapy, which she terms as the “Clinic in the Digital Age.”

For the past 20 years, she has run a private clinic where she provides therapy to both teenagers and adults. Additionally, over the last decade, she has co-managed and co-owned Upsale, a company dedicated to organizational consulting and enhancing customer experiences.

Since 2009, Dr. Lieber has been lecturing at the Society and Arts program at the Ono Academic College for their master’s programs tailored for expressive and creative therapists. She also imparts her knowledge at Tel Aviv University, contributing to their logotherapy training curriculum.

In her most recent endeavor, she serves as the director of the Behavioral Sciences program. This innovative course offers students a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences while also providing specialized training in video therapy and canine-assisted therapy. Successful completion of this program equips students with certification in these specialized fields in addition to their degree.


in Psychoanalysis, Bar-Ilan University (2020)‎
Treatment of Expression and Creation, Specializing in Psychodrama, Lesley University (2002)‎
in Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University (1996)‎

Teaching Areas

Social change in digital reality, back to the future - the digital clinic, ethics in mental therapy, arts-based ‎research.‎

Research interests

The effect of digital reality on mental health care processes, the effect of digital changes on social and ‎personal processes, the effect of digital reality on the creation of a hybrid generation, motives and feelings ‎around altruistic organ donations.‎