“Shout like a man, don’t be embarrassed!” New Ono Research Explores the Gender Differences in Gyms in Israel

A new study conducted by Ono Academic College researcher, Dr. Assaf Lev, of the SportsTherapy program, shows that while men feel comfortable moaning and screaming during training, women refrain from doing so in order to not create provocations.      

For many athletes, shouting, growling or sighing during physical exertion at a gym is a common act that is an integral part of training. These sounds are perceived as physiological and uncontrollable actions. However, Lev’s study shows that behavior breaks down sharply among male/female lines.

For 3 years, Lev studied gym-goers between the ages of 17-40 in several faciliities in Tel Aviv. The study examined the social and cultural consequences related to sighing during physical exertion and the resulting gender differences. The study found a direct connection between the shouting and the strengthening of gender identities, spatial control, the establishment of gender power relations and the pursuit of social recognition.

To read an entire article published on the study by Israel TV news channel 12 website, click here: https://www.mako.co.il/news-sport/sports_others-2022_q4/Article-e3c3824b1584581027.htm