School of Humanities Holds Year End Conference

Ono Academic College’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, directed by Dean Tova Hartman, held a year end conference focusing on the rich variety of topics covered in the discipline.
The conference featured the following sessions:
• Launch of the new issue of Ono Academic College’s refereed publication “Keshet” dedicated to the subject of Ethiopian Jewry (more on this in a future post).
• Presentation of Informal Education Awards
• “A song of the day” with Odia Barkan and Shir De Shalit
• The full pot: Presentations of the School’s Working Groups.
• Faculty Research: Exhibition of posters by researchers
• Keynote Lecture – “On Education and Multiculturalism – Another Cinematic Journey” – Adva Cohen Magal
• Working Group Meetings
One development of particular interest was the upcoming publication of the book ‘’The New Enlightened” by the School’s researchers, featuring interviewers with students from a wide variety of backgrounds who represented their family’s first participation in higher education. Pictured here are Prof. Amia Lieblich, Director of Ono’s School of Society and the Arts, who led the project, and Dr. Hagit Sabag, one of the researchers.
Dr. Daphna Liber (pictured), the Director of Ono’s BA program in Behavioral Sciences presented her work on the “The Digital Clinic” investigating the aspects of time, space and memory in mental health counseling.
The conference was extremely successful and the staff of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences looks forward to the getting back to our research over the summer and in the coming academic year.