Ono’s “Keshet” Journal Focuses on Ethiopian Jewry

Ono Academic College published its most recent edition of “Keshet – The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences”. The special edition, edited by Rabbi Dr. Sharon Zeude Shalom, Founder and Director of Ono’s International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry and Dr. Michal Assa-Inbar, is dedicated to the subject of Ethiopian Jewry and features 8 scholarly articles and two opinion articles. The dedication of an entire issue of a refereed scholarly journal to the subject of Ethiopian Jewry represents a great step forward in the academization of the field.
The contents of the journal’s special edition include:
• The original nature of man: the mental perceptual of the Beta Yisrael (Ethiopian Jewry) – Rabbi Dr. Shalom Zeude Sharon
• A discussion of the controversy of the biblical verse “the day after the Sabbath” (relating to the starting of the counting of the Omer) in the light of a custom of tradition of Beit Yisrael (Ethiopian and Tigric Jewry) – Rabbi Reuven Tal Yasu
• Exile and Homeland: Israel and Africa in Hebrew Literature and in the music culture of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel – Associate Professor Adia Mendelson-Maoz
• Ethiopian Embroidery in Transition: Between Ethiopia and Israel – Shlomit Lazar
• Contemporary art of Ethiopians in Israel as a mirror for events in community life – Carmel Goffer
• On Art and Faith: A Literary Analysis of Two Prayers from the liturgy of Beta Yisrael – Shoshana Ben-Dor
• Families from Ethiopia Who Immigrated to Israel Who Struggle with Intergenerational and Intercultural Issues – Naomi Shmuel
• “Bring me the Jews of Ethiopia – to the Polls – A journey following the ‘Ethiopian Vote’ 1996 – 2021” – Pakda Abeba and Adv. Oded Ron
•  The Jewish Identity of Beta Israel – Methodological Differences between Rabbinic Law and Scientific Research – Prof. Michael Korinaldi
• Ethiopians in Israel – Forty Years of Protest – Shelly Engdaw
Ono is proud of this important contribution to the scholarship of Ethiopian Jewry