Ono To Open Nursing Degree in Nazareth

Ono Academic College is opening a branch for nursing studies in the Northern Israeli city of Nazareth, in cooperation with the English Hospital in the city.

The demand for personnel in the nursing professions has increased significantly. Qualified nurses occupy a central place in patient care and are an integral part of the treatment team.

Ono’s Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing B.S.N. also offers recipients, after passing a licensing test, the opportunity to earn a professional nurse’s certificate. Nursing studies make it possible to find employment in a variety of coveted positions including: internal medicine, surgery, midwifery, pediatrics, mental health, primary medicine and more.

The unique program, which was approved by Israel’s Council for Higher Education, includes, in addition to nursing studies, management skills and an in-depth knowledge of the health system.  It also offers an optional certificate studies program in the field of digital content development or health training.

The studies will take place at the nursing school next to the English Hospital in Nazareth.

For further details:

Dr. Sharbel Shuker

Vice President for Sectoral Development