Ono Students Get Engaged in a Very MDA (Israeli Red Cross) Ceremony

Ono Academic College wishes congratulations to Shira and Liav, two of our nursing students who recently got engaged.

Liav, who is currently in the reserves ofMagen David Adom (MDA, the Israeli Red Cross), proposed marriage to his partner, Shira, who was sure that all that was going to happen that evening was they would do a shift together.

Shira and Liav met four years ago, when she was doing her national service and he was an ambulance driver.

Their passion for saving lives was not limited to volunteering and working at Magan David Adom. They continued to study together for nursing degrees at Ono Academic College.

We wish Shira and Liav many happy years together, full of joyful experiences, joint growth and love.

Shira Mizrahi

Liav Franco