An article published on Channel 12’s Mako News website summarizes the changes that students, faculty and administrators will face on the eve of the beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year.

The article notes that due to economic difficulties caused by the Corona virus epidemic, students at universities and colleges will have difficulty meeting expenses.  Some are returning to their childhood homes. Some are considering dropping out and some have already decided to retire.

Yossi Mark, 25, who is studying for a bachelor’s degree at Ono Academic College in a unique degree in the field of advertising and marketing communications said, “I lost my job and could not afford the rent, so I had to go back to my parents.” Previously, he lived in an apartment with other roomates in Ramat Gan and made a living from performing as a musician and working in an advertising agency. The COVID-19 epidemic impacted negatively on his finances but he plans to continue with his studies.

The full article, accompanied by a news video clip, can be read at: