"My Health Brother" Program - Group Photo

Ono, Sheba Hospital and the IDF Complete the First Cycle of the “My Healthy Brother” Program with 100% Success

Recently, Ono Academic College, Sheba Medical Center and the IDF completed the first cycle of the “My Healthy Brother” Program.

As part of the project, boys and girls, who before drafting into the IDF face obesity issues, accompanied by medical illness, that leads to their receiving an exemption from military service, participate in a lifestyle-based intervention program (diet and physical activity). In the end, all the participants of the program succeeded in meeting the army’s required health criteria and will soon enlist in the IDF.

The participants in the project received professional guidance and training from the sports team led by the Director of the Sports Specialization at Ono Academic College, Prof. Avi Moyal.  They also received nutritional, psychological and medical guidance from the endocrinology department at Safra Hospital at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. This time was led by Prof. Orit Pinhas Hamiel with Dr. Michal Ben Ami, Prof. (Lt. Col.) Gilad Twiig, Mrs. Moran Shemesh Iron, the psychologist who accompanied the project in collaboration with Mrs. Noi Eli, the project’s nutritionist, Dr. (Res. Col.) Noam Fink, Director of Assuta Ramat Ha’yil Hospital as well as the Director of the IDF’s Meitav Recruitment Division and the professional team of trainers led by (Res.) Major Omri Ronen and (Res.) Major Lihi Simhas.

Congratulations to all!