Ono Scholar Talks Children’s Mental Health After COVID

Dr. Zack Slor, Director of the At-Risk Youth Track in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences BA program in Education at Ono Academic College. Slor was interviewed on Israel Channel 14’s  “4PM” Current Affairs program to discuss the deteriorating state of our children’s mental health following the COVID epidemic. 

The impetus for the interview was the recently released report of Israel’s Council for Children’s Safety. The report found that since the onset of the corona virus, there has been a significant deterioration in the mental health of children studying in Israel’s schools. Slor noted that the report is indeed very worrisome and that the numbers are getting worse. He stressed that this unfortunate situation regarding the mental health of children cuts across sectors, religions, and socioeconomic conditions, affecting the entire country. Slor said our job is to recognize the seriousness and wide ranging nature of the problem and to ensure for Israel’s various government ministries (Health and Welfare, Internal Security etc.) to work together with its well-trained social workers, youth guides etc. in order to alleviate the problem.

In addition to his work at Ono, Slor also serves as Director of the Education for the Treatment Commission for Youth-at-Risk in the Hila Program of Israel’s Ministry of Education. Previously, Dr. Slor co-founded “Global SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Emergency Leadership Development)” and served as its & VP of Research & Development. Slor serves as a Colonel (res.) in the IDF’s Home Front Command.

To watch the entire interview, click here: https://www.ifatmediasite.com/ms/radiomp4/2023/01/31/11951214.mp4