Rabbi Dr. Sharon Shalom, the Director of the International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry at Ono Academic College, presented a headline lecture at the conference “The Dynamics of Ethiopian Values and Cultural Heritage in the Beta Israel Community” that took place in January 2021. 

The conference, organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Ethiopian in Israel, dealt with the power and influence of Ethiopian culture on Beta Israel through history, culture, language and religion. All the lecturers emphasized the strengths of this culture. Greetings were given by Mr. Reta Alemu Nega, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Israel.

Rabbi Dr. Shalom’s lecture was entitled “Maintaining the Values in a Multicultural Setting.” Other presenters included:

  • Nigist Mengesha, “Cultural Values and Their Significance in Society”
  • Melikamu Yacob, “Intergenerational Quest for Traditional Values and Cultural Heritage”
  • Anbessa Teferra, “The Relevance of Language in a Cultural Value Setting”

The conference presented a new angle on Ethiopian Jewry and received favorable coverage by Ethiopian television.