Ono Scholar Discusses Infamous Eden Ben Zaken Bikini Pic

Dr. Sigal Oppenheim Shachar, a lecturer at Ono Academic College was recently interviewed on Every Moment Radio’s “Friday Morning” program about the picture that Israeli singer Eden Ben Zaken posted, removed and reposted on Instagram. The picture featured the singer holding her young son while wearing a bikini bathing suit and generated a lot of outrage on social media. Ben Zaken later published an angry post criticizing the censure she received.
Dr. Oppenheim Shachar researches gender issues from a sociological and educational perspective. She noted that societal expectations come into play regarding the question of even who is allowed to have their photo published while wearing a bathing suit. The conversation continued to other topics including a similar picture posted by celebrity and fashion designer Neta Alchemister, the discussion of acceptable body proportions on the popular television program, “Wedding at First Sight,” Social Networks and singing sensation Nasreen Kadri.
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