Ono Scholar Discusses Compensation for Victims of the Meron Lag Baomer Disaster

Ono Academic College’s Dr. Inbal Blau was recently interviewed on the “Where’s the Money” program on Israel’s Non-Stop Radio Network about the Finance Committee’s approval to transfer funds to the families of the victims of the Meron disaster. The sum agreed upon was 22.5 million NIS. Each family will receive 500,000 NIS for each faculty member who was killed.
In April 2021, 45 people were killed and 150 injured, many seriously, when the annual Lag Baomer holiday pilgrimage to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meron Israel, turned into a stampede. This event was the deadliest civil disaster in the history of the State of Israel.
Dr. Blau, who teaches at Ono’s Law School, is an expert in the field compensation for mass casualty events. In the interview, Blau noted that the decision was made relatively quickly and represented reasonable compensation for the horrendous events. She stressed the precedent-setting nature of the decision. Dr. Blau addressed some of the ethical issues involved including how a government body calculates the value of someone who lost their life in the stampede.
To listen to the full interview, click here: https://www.ifatmediasite.com/ms/radio/2022/05/09/11410685.mp3