Ono Offers “Outside the Box” Music Course to the Public

In the 2022-2023 academic year, Ono Academic College is offering a musical enrichment course entitled, “A Musical Journey: Outside the Box.” The musical director and conductor of the course is Maestro Yaron Gottfried.

The course is comprised of a series of lectures and concerts in cooperation with the musicians and soloists of the Israel Symphony Orchestra, Rishon LeZion. The course covers a variety of styles, from the classical world to jazz, and a variety of artists, from the Tchaikovsky to the Beatles.  The course will include six sessions of three hours each.  At the beginning of each session there will be a lecture that presents the background and history of a specific kind of music. The second half of each class is a concert based on the theoretical material performed by the Israel Symphony Orchestra, Rishon LeZion.

For more information, registration and payment, click here: https://did.li/j1Tw5  .