Ono’s Klezmer Festival

Despite COVID restrictions, Ono was able to host its annual International Klezmer Music Festival. The program featured Master classes, workshops, and a keynote performance.

Featured presenters/performers included: International star Aharon Razael, virtuoso accordionist Emil Aybinder, clarinetist Gilad Harel, Polka-Punk Rocker Eyal Talmudi, Prof. Gersh Geller and the Jerusalem Saxophone Quartet. The event was hosted by the renowned Klezmer musician Hanan Bar Sela.

With the motto of “The show must go on”, Ono did not allow the COVID epidemic to close the festival. The college complied with all health and safety practices and was able to host students who came from all over Israel for a whole day of lectures about and performances of Jewish music.  

You can get a virtual taste of the festival by visiting the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylOE5O_XJoo&ab_channel=OnoMusic