Ono Lecturer Sings Praises of Israeli Whiskey and Explains “Data Brokerage”

Ono computer science lecturer Ran Bar-Zik was recently interviewed on Radio Tel Aviv’s “Free Market” program for the show’s technology corner where he discussed these topics and others.
Bar-Zik, a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Ono Academic College, is also a technology columnist for Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, a “white-hat” hacker, who exposes internet security vulnerabilities for the purpose of protecting society, a technology blogger and a computer programmer.
During the program, Bar-Zik discussed a number of issues including his appreication for Israeli whiskey makers such as “Milk and Honey” and “Golani”. He noted these “blue and white” alcoholic beverages are brewed to have a distinctive Israeli twist. Bar-Zik also explained the profession of “data-brokerage” in which data is aggregated about the internet usage of specific groups for the use of marketers and other professionals. They discussed whether such activity violates users’ privacy.
The complete interview can be heard here: