Noa Tal Alon

Dr. Noa Tal Alon, a lecturer in Education with a specialization in the field of integration and inclusion at Ono Academic College, discussed how at-risk parents and at-risk children are preparing for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  A recent article in the Maariv daily newspaper noted that many schools are planning on hybrid studies that combine zoom courses from home with in-school classes, something that threatens the health of at-risk populations. 

One of the biggest challenges for parents is who will watch over the children if they have to work outside the home. Tal-Alon addressed her situation saying that, “Right now in higher education, everyone is teaching zoom from home.  However, at Ono Academic College they have already approached me and said that even if there is hybrid learning that incorporates coming to campus, I can continue to teach using zoom so as not to endanger myself.”

Tal-Alon was grateful for this option. She says. “My husband is currently on unpaid leave. If it gets to the point where the children do not go to the educational institutions, maybe he will be able to deal with the situation. This is a great difficulty. Children need an emotional, social and educational response. It’s not enough to tell them, ‘Do not go to school.’ I am very upset and I am sure I am not the only one who is bothered by this.”

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