Ono Law Student and “Big Brother” Veteran Talks about New Reality Series “Survival – VIP Edition”

Gadi Peniblov spoke to Iris Cool on the Non-Stop Radio station about his performance on the reality TV show “Survival – VIP Edition” broadcast on Reshet TV 13. Peniblov is studying in his second year of law school at Ono Academic College.
According to the “Survival – VIP Edition” site (https://13tv.co.il/mood/survivor/season-05-vip/competitors/gad-panivilov/), Gadi Peniblov, from Kiryat Haim, is 23, married and has one child. He is described as the innocent boy who always made us laugh on the “Big Brother” reality show, who discovers that his innocence has been forgotten. To survive on his new reality program, he must prove that he is also a strategist.
The full interview can be heard here: