Ono International Scholar Discusses Russian Military War Crimes and Punishment

Ono Professor, Amichai Cohen, was interviewed on the “Security Strip “ radio program broadcast on Israel Army Radio (Galei Tzahal), regarding the preparation of war crimes cases against Russia following its attack on the Ukraine. The issue of war crimes prosecution has become much more salient following the release of photos and videos that seemingly show executed Ukrainian civilians on the streets of towns like Bucha, which were under Russian Federation military occupation and were recently liberated by Ukrainian forces.
Cohen holds a Ph.D. in Law from Yale University and is a researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute in addition to his post at Ono Academic College’s Law School.
Prof. Cohen noted that in any protracted conflict, war crimes accusations are raised. Reports coming out of Ukraine indicate attempts by Russia’s army to fire purposefully on Ukrainian civilians which would qualify as war crimes. Cohen noted the historical difficulty in uncovering the truth about such allegations and then punishing the perpetrators. Questions regarding the reliability of evidence often arise.
The full interview can be listened to here: