Ono Hosts Visual Art Therapy Research Conference

Students in the second year of Ono Academic College’s MA program in Visual Art Therapy presented their research at a conference held at Ono’s Netanya Campus. The presentations represented arts-based research that the students had been conducting throughout the year.
In preparation for joining the academic community in Israel and around the world, the students prepared scholarly research projects and presented lectures and posters of their research.
The research projects, many of which included clinical field studies, demonstrated the students’ proficiency in the basics of arts-based qualitative research. Selected works will also be presented at the annual Israeli Creative and Expressive Arts Therapies Association (YAHAT) conference to be held in February 2023.
Selected presentations included:
• Self Image of Mothers of Autistic Children
• The Influence of Working with Art Materials on the Body Image of Teenage Girls
• Symbols of Collective Trauma from the Massacre in Kfar Kassem
• The Serenity Prayer as Expressed in the Artistic Creations of Rehabilitating Addicted People
• Archetypes in the Creative Works of the Mentally Ill
• The Effect of Mood on the Choice of Art Materials
• Painting the Girl: Artwork with Uncontrolled Materials with Traumatized Children
• Representations of the Homes of Arab Women Suffering from Domestic Abuse
• The Experiences of Women Who Have Lost their Mothers
• Sculpting the Pain
Dr. Liat Shamri-Zeevi, Director of the Visual Art Therapy Program, noted that the event was interesting, exciting, professional and thought-provoking. The venue provided a place where everyone could see and be proud of the abilities of the students and lecturers at the college and the fruits of their work throughout the year.