Ono Hosts European Distance Learning Workshop

Ono Academic College was proud to host the Erasmus+ LOVE.DIST@NCE – Learning Optimization and Academic Inclusion via Equitative Distance Teaching and Learning Project Meeting and Workshop during the week of 14-18 March 2022 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The meeting is the culmination of two years of collaboration with Israeli and European partners. Representatives from Spain, Portugal, Israel and Georgia participated in the meeting, with online participants joining from Romania as well.
Ono opened the workshop with greetings from Ranan Hartman, CEO and Founder of the College and from Prof. Arieh Gavious, Dean of the School of Business Administration. Afterwards, Ono’s research teams presented three pilot courses that they had been preparing in various formats:
• “Studenthood” Course – using PBL methods
• Mathematics Course – using a set formula incorporating study in units, and a set method of quizzes and exams, which has already been adopted by other courses as well.
• Business Course –in the Podcast format
Participants then heard about higher education in Bedouin society, the challenges of long Covid, and the experiences of ultra-Orthodox students. These learning environments all require meticulous teaching designs that take into consideration a wide range of needs and multicultural challenges, as well as appropriate accommodations. The workshop then continued on to Ono’s Simulation Center, where we held actual simulations using the Simulation Center’s unique scenarios, with workshop members observing their colleagues in action. The simulations were an interesting experience that opened the participants’ eyes to new ways of thinking and behaving in professional situations. Finally, we visited the new Love.Dist@nce video lesson recording studio, and actually had the opportunity to video some short messages.
In addition, the workshop included active full day seminars at Levinsky College of Education and Meital Inter-University Center for E-learning, as well as an evening out in Tel Aviv, where participants really let loose and got to know each other around the table, including Purim dress up in hats and lots of talking and singing among the participants. All barriers fell as we all felt the personal connection that comes with working and discussing together during the day, and sharing a wonderful evening walk through the city and dinner together, with great local food accompanied by excellent Israeli wines!
The capacity building project is co-funded by the European Union.