Ono Hosts Conference Following US Abortion Ruling

Ono Academic College is hosting a conference entitled, “Does My Body Still Belong to Me?: Rights and Liabilities in light of the Dobbs Ruling on the Issue of Abortion.” The conference will take place on 11.7.2022 in Ono’s Dganit Auditorium ,  15:00 – 18:30 and will feature addresses by 15 Ono faculty members. 


  • Greetings: Dr. Elad Finkelstein, Dean of the School of Law
  • Dobbs as a Medical, Ethical, Medical and Social Test – Prof. Gil Siegel, Ono Center of Law, Ethics and Policy
  • The Counter Revolution: From Roe to Dobbs – Dr. Yaakov Ben-Shemesh
  • Dobbs and the limits of the constitutional interpretation – Dr. Yitzhak Herzog
  • Prof. Dana Pugach, Director of Ono’s Noga Center for Crime Victims – Dobbs: Another chapter in the Policing of Women
  • From Jane Roe to Wawfat Baider Ninsburg – Noy is responsible for the coup.
  • The ruling?
  • From Jane Roe to Judge Baider Ginsburg – Who is responsible for the judicial coup? – Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Dean, Ono’s Multicultural Campuses
  • Battle of the States: increasing State Tensions in a Post-Dobbs Landscape – Natasha Pereira Shiman, Asserson Law Office
  • Civil liability and corporate liability in aiding cessation of pregnancy  – Dr. Yehonatan Shiman
  • My Body is Mine: Making Medical Decisions – Professor Miron-Shatz, founding director Ono’s Center for Medical Decision Making
  • Justice of pregnancy: From a narrative of rights to a narrative of values – Rabbi Dr. David Helgot, Ono Center of Law, Ethics and Policy
  • Evaluating Dobbs in a Class Context, Dr. Inbal Blau
  • The egg that wasn’t was born – on abortions and contraception – Dr. Lital Hellman
  • Moral considerations in the Dobbs decision – Dr. Roni Rosenberg
  • The Child’s Potential Point of View on the Subject of Policing Abortions – Dr.  Judy Broder, Director of the Ono Legal Clinic Center for Social Justice  
  • From a Legal Decision to Medical Implementation: The Gap Between Court Rooms and Doctors’ Clinics – Dr. Naomi Sigel, Head of Ono’s Specialization in Health Systems Management in the School Business Administration