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Ono Academic College hosted a conference examining the effects of “Brexit” on the foreign relations of Israel, the European Union and Great Britain.  Taking part in the conference were representatives of the Israel’s Ministry of Economics, the Israel EU Chamber of Commerce, and economic and legal experts from the College and other universities in Israel and around the world.  Participants discussed ways in which Israel is preparing for the new reality and how Brexit will be implemented, in light of the large scale of trade between Israel, Great Britain and the European Union. Conference speakers included Prof. Ramses Wessel of the University of Twente in Holland, Prof. Arie Reich of Bar Ilan University, Mr. Daniel Kolbar of the Ministry of Economics, Mr. Dan Catarivas Chairman of the Israel EU Chamber of Commerce and Prof. David Newman of Ben Gurion University. The conference was organized by the Ono Academic College Law School together with the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung political foundation. The conference organizer and chairperson was Dr. Rachel Frid de Vries, a Senior Lecturer at the Ono Academic College Law School.