Ono Grad Serves as Ultra-Orthodox Advisor to President of the Supreme Court

In a speech at the certification ceremony for new lawyers, the President of Israel’s Supreme Court, Judge Esther Hayut, announced that for many years, her senior advisor on Ultra-Orthodox issues has been Adv. Sarah Yafleh, a graduate of Ono Academic College.

Yafleh, an Ultra-Orthodox graduate of the Beit Ya’akov school system, began her career in the judiciary, studying tax consulting and working as a typist at the district court in Jerusalem.  Yafleh’s third daughter suffered from severe birth defects, a development that Hayut noted, inspired Yafleh to develop new skills and knowledge in order to take care of her. 

As a result, Yafleh enrolled in the Ultra-Orthodox track of Ono Academic College and completed a law degree there. She moved from the Jerusalem district court to the Supreme Court where she impressed all of the justices, including Hayut.  In October 2017, when Hayut was appointed the President of the Supreme Court, she said, “I did not give up the wise, sharp-thinking and bright-faced advisor.”

During this period, Yafleh decided to start practicing law and began her career with an internship at the Jerusalem Municipality.  She went on to successfully complete her legal exams, and then returned to the Supreme Court as a senior professional consultant.

Hayut summarized, “This is a story about an Ultra-Orthodox, smart, talented and hard-working woman who dared to dream and achieved what she dreamed of.”

Ono is extremely proud of its esteemed graduate, Adv. Sarah Yafleh!

The complete article can be read at: https://time.news/president-hayut-reveals-this-is-my-ultra-orthodox-advisor/