A recent article in the Jerusalem Post notes that Ranan Hartman, who founded Ono Academic College 25 years ago, has changed the face of higher education in Israel, and in doing so, is attempting to affect social, societal, and educational change in this country.  

The article tells Hartman’s story, from growing up as the youngest child of the late Rabbi David Hartman, the well-known philosopher, author, scholar and founder of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.  It describes his operation of the University of Manchester’s extension in Israel which led to the founding of Ono.  Ono Academic College has grown from a single trailer accommodating 100 students with programs in law and business, into Israel’s largest private college, numbering more than 18,000 students studying at five campuses nationwide – Kiryat Ono, Jerusalem, Haifa, Netanya, and Or Yehuda – and offers 47 different programs of study.

In terms of Ono’s secret, Hartman notes that since its inception, he has tried to bring the very best teachers to the Ono campuses.  He advises, “Compromise on how your campus looks, but don’t compromise on the quality of teachers.” For the complete article click here