Prof. Shira Yalon Haimovich, the Dean of Students at Ono Academic College was interviewed by Avri Gilad on Israel’s top morning news show, “The World This Morning” about her struggle with long COVID.  Gilad noted the irony that a world expert on cognitive rehabilitation would suffer from this phenomenon herself. 

Prof. Yalon Haimovich noted that following her own recovery from COVID 19, she has suffered from memory loss, brain fog and other symptoms typical of “Long Covid”.  She told of the surprise she experienced after recovering from Corona when the cognitive symptoms did not pass.  Prof. Yalon Haimovich secretly consulted with an occupational therapy colleague and noted the stigma that comes with long COVID.

Prof. Yalon Haimovich described how, among other symptoms, she sometimes does not remember the next meeting she has on her schedule. She has developed means of coping with the cognitive impairments by writing notes to herself.

Prof. Yalon Haimovich summarized that everyone suffers from Long COVID differently. She noted that it is important to remember that there are measures that can be taken to improve the situation, including Cognitive-Functional Rehabilitation.

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