Ono Computer Expert Discusses New Israel Police Interfaces with Citizens and their Problems

Ran Bar-Zik

Ono computer science lecturer Ran Bar-Zik was recently interviewed on Radio Tel Aviv’s “Free Market” program where he discussed new interfaces with the Israel Police that can help the average citizen and the problems with them.

Bar-Zik said that the Israel Police have developed an interface for allowing citizens to submit complaints via the internet without the need for coming into a police station. However, problems arose because of certain technical requirements of the program. For instance, the interface requires the complainant to submit the name of the suspected criminal spelled in Hebrew letters, only. The names of many of the suspects in supposed crimes committed on the internet are known only by their latin/English spelling. Other issues included the requirement of submitting the city where the crime took place (not relevant for many internet crimes) and the inability to report crimes that took place on the Telegram platform. Bar-Zik said the police are working on fixing these and other problems.

The complete interview can be heard here: