Ono Celebrates 10 Years of “Roim Rachok” – A Program Helping Autistic People Succeed in the IDF and in Life

Ten years ago, Ono Academic College founded the “Roim Rachok” (Looking Ahead) program, whose goal is to help people on the autism spectrum integrate into required professions in the IDF and the civilian market.
To celebrate this marvelous milestone, Ono hosted a seminar entitled “Researchers Looking Ahead (Roim Rachok)” that presented the research conducted on the program over the last decade. The presenters came from the top echelons of Israel’s research and treatment community and the lectures included:
• How to Be Happy | Professor Yoram Yovel
• Research of the Decade Accompanying the Roim Rachok Program | Dr. Efrat Selanikyo
• Neurodiversity and Autism | Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (online)
• Personal Identity in Light of the Diagnosis | Dovrat Sagi
• Panel of Soldiers and Employees of the Program on Personal Identity | Supervised by Dr. Efrat Selanikyo
• We are Interested in Researching: Findings from Roim Rachok Participants Survey | Gil Aharonovich
• For a Common Purpose – Findings from the Training Course | Yael Lusky
• Success in the Service from the Commander’s Point of View | Dr. Efrat Selanikyo
Ono is proud of the program’s participants and staff. Here is to another 10 successful years!