Ono Athlete Elay Chayot and Tennis Great Novak Djokovic

Noted Israeli track and field athlete Elay Chayot (#Elay Chayot) was severely injured during his service in the elite IDF Maglan unit.  Confined to a wheelchair he now fights to rehabilitate himself and maintains his dream to compete in the Olympics. After completing his B.A. in Education and Social Studies, he has moved on to study for his M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Sports.

Recently, Chayot described his friendship with the Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovic (#Novak Djokovic) . After their initial meeting, Djokovic suggested that Chayot and he get together to play tennis.

Chayot described the experience as follows:

Novak asked if we had another wheelchair that he could use and I said, “For sure!”.  He asked me to bring the wheelchair and he sat in it and that’s how we played tennis together, each of us sitting in a wheelchair on different sides of the court: me, and the number one tennis player in the world.

Novak asked me about Pparalympic sports in Israel.  He was very interested in me and my friends in the Israeli tennis industry and he told me how much he enjoyed it here.

In the evening, I asked myself if it was a dream, if everything that I went through in those past two days really happened.

I am the happiest person to have had the privilege of getting to know Novak up close.

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