UltraOrthodox Campus of Ono Academic College

Israel’s Institute of Certified Public Accountants will recognize the studies conducted at the Beit Yaakov Seminary, in a move that will open the profession to Ultra-Orthodox women. As part of the agreement, Ono Academic Center lecturers will provide additional instruction to the students and supervise the program academically. One of Israel’s most prestigious daily newspapers, Haaretz, covered this development.

Iris Stark, President of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, said: “This is a real revolution for the ultra-Orthodox sector. The accounting profession is thirsty for professionals, and there is currently a shortage in the industry. This new structured track, tailored to the needs of the Ultra-Orthodox sector, gives the opportunity for more women studying in seminary to choose the profession of accounting. We hope that just as more Ultra-Orthodox women have successfully integrated into the high-tech industry, this move will lead to success in the field of accounting as well. The move fits in with the overall vision of encouraging work in the Ultra-Orthodox sector, both as an aid to support the family unit and to help expand the workforce and productivity of the economy.”