Andy Ram

The first meeting in this series of masters classes featured an address by Tal Moriah, head of global business development in the Racing Point group of Formula 1 Racing.  Moriah, a former high-ranking marketing executive for Inter Milan and the NBA told the story of his rise to the top of the field of world sports sponsorship.  Andy Ram, a student at Ono Academic College and a former Wimbledon champion conducted a conversation with Moriah that touched on issues such as closing contracts worth millions of dollars, the difference between local and international marketing and the advantages of Israeli Chutzpah.  The evening was hosted by Adi Bichman, the former Olympic swimmer.  She is the director of the sports concentration in Ono’s program on Education and Society, as well as a personal friend of Moriah from the time they both studied in Houston. We’ll see you at the next master class. ?