One of Israel’s major news websites, Walla, profiled Yosef Hagos,

Yosef Hagos (courtesy of Walla)

(23) who this year begins his Bachelor’s Degree at Ono Academic College in the Education and Social Studies program.

Yosef Hagos notes that he his is, “The first in the family to begin academic studies”

Yosef grew up in Netanya with his three brothers and sisters.

He noted, “My parents immigrated together from Ethiopia. My mother died when I was 7, and my father raised us alone. Already in second grade, I went to a boarding school for at-risk youth. It was not easy, but when I look back I realize that this is actually the place that made me who I am today,”

Yosef even completed a circle when in the twelfth grade he worked in a boarding school as an instructor. “I worked with children in the third grade. I was with them from the moment they arrived at the boarding school. I helped them with their homework. I was with them all day in fact. There I fell in love with education and realized that this is what gives me satisfaction in life. “

Yosef Hagos insisted on doing full military service and enlisted in the Nahal Brigade. “I realized during the service the need to contribute to the country and why it is so important for everyone to enlist and get under the stretcher.” [to assist one’s comrades, both literally and metaphorically]