There is a severe shortage of training courses for integration assistants of those living with autism.  In response, ALUT, The Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism is sponsoring online training that will focus on clarifying the expectations and requirements regarding the care of autistic children studying in integrated settings, as well as adding to the knowledge about how to help in the integration process.

An article on the Shavvim website noted that the eight hour integration assistant training course will be taught by dance therapist, Chen Herman, who lectures at Ono Academic College. Herman is a group facilitator, Adler-method parent counselor and a doctoral student in the field of autism. 

Yael Gever, director of education at ALUT, explained the shortfall in integration training.  “One of the reasons we wanted to do this training is for everyone to understand that integration assistants have a very critical role.  The assistants are far from babysitters. A teacher in a class that educates 40 students cannot mediate for an integrated child. The Ministry of Education creates a gap, does not give an answer and then comes with complaints and so it is impossible to continue. . . The fact that the Ministry of Education does not produce enough training means raises its own question. A much longer training process is necessary but this program provides a foot in the door. “

Gever added, “We see what is happening on the ground, hear the distress of the parents and students and know that sometimes the integration assistants are in distress as well. Our goal is to try and make order and alleviate the current situation a little bit.”

The full article can be found at:״אנחנו-פועלים-שב-1-בספטמבר-הילדים-המשול/

“We can not wait for the Ministry of Education.” Director of Education at ALUT, Yael Gever (Photo: Courtesy of the Photographed)