IDF Deputy Division Commander and Ono Graduate Sends a Message from Israel’s Northern Border

Col. (Res.) Alon Mednes, the deputy commander of the Division and a Recipient of the General’s Medal of Valor for his conduct under fire, is a graduate of Ono Academic College’s L.L.B. degree and currently a student in a master’s degree program. He sends Ono students a message from Israel’s Northern border.

Colonel Mednes congratulates the students on the beginning of their new year of studies. He has been serving on the front lines for nearly two months. When he and the other reserve soldiers return to campus, he asks the students who have already begun their Fall semester studies to help them make up lost material and assignments that they couldn’t do because of their service. He is confident that Ono will support its reserve soldier students, as he has 20 years of experience going back to his Bachelor’s Degree in Law at Ono. Then, he was required to miss classes due to war and Ono helped him make up everything he needed. He concluded by saying that the fact that Ono students have returned to their studies is a portrait of our victory over our enemies.

Colonel Mednes, and all of our soldiers, take care of yourselves. We are waiting for you back on campus!