From Beit Jan with Love – A Tribute to the Children Hostages

Da’awa, a student in Ono Academic College’s Master’s Degree in Education with a Specialization In Early Childhood Education created a moving short film that yearns for the return of two of the youngest hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas and are being held in Gaza.

She created the video together with her friends in Beit Jan, a Druze village on Mount Meron in Northern Israel.

The spoken text is as follows:

They say that being a red head is like walking around with a light on one’s forehead. We wish that this was true for four-year-old Ariel, and Kfir, who is almost one year old so that it could light the way for these two kids who are being held in captivity and hopefully lead them home. Our hearts are held captive in Gaza.

We thank Afifa and Ra’adi who helped edit the video.

Marie-Lyne Smadja