Dr. Orly Alaluf to Head Ono’s BA Program in Education and Society

Ono Academic College congratulates Dr. Orly Alaluf on her appointment to serve as director of the Undergraduate Program in Education and Society. We wish her much success in her new role.
Dr. Orly Alaluf is an expert in the areas of special education policy, integration, disabilities and the families of children with special needs.
She has more than 30 years of experience in the education system in general and in special education in particular, combining her rich background in the educational field with extensive research experience.
Among her roles over the years have been: management of a treatment center, national instructor for complex disabilities in the special education division and management of the MTYA special education program of the Ministry of Edcuation.
Orly has served as a lecturer at the Center for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda and in recent years as a master’s degree lecturer in education at Ono Academic College. Orly will take up her position on 21.6.2022.
Ono would like to thank Dr. Udi Lifshitz who until now has served in this role.