Oshri Vaknin. Photo: Courtesy of Haifa and Kraiot News from private album

Oshri Vaknin is a graduate student in business administration at Ono Academic College’s Haifa Campus.  Vaknin told the Haifa and Kraiot News why he decided to continue on for his M.B.A after completing his bachelor’s degree at Ono’s Haifa Campus, the tools he gained in his studies and why he thinks it is worthwhile to study during the Corona period.

Vaknin is 40 years old, married with 3 children and from the city of Afula. He works as a national sales manager at Trilidor at it was very important to him to get his degree while still being able to earn a living.  Vaknin notes, “The knowledge I gained at the Ono Academic College promoted me in my workplace”

He believes, “The degree was intense but totally worth it. The studies gave me tools for life and career, and the abilities to advance in my workplace. During my undergraduate degree I started at Trilidor as a sales agent, and as I progressed I went on to become a regional sales manager, then a national sales manager. I have many tools. “

Vaknin said that the experience of studying at Ono is excellent. “Ono Academic College takes a personal approach to each and every student. The curriculum is rich, diverse and interesting, and excellently organized. In my opinion, Ono excels in its good teachers, who are truly top lecturers and know how to convey the material in an interesting way.”

Regarding learning via zoom since the onset of the COVID epidemic, Vaknin noted, “Like everything in life, it has advantages and disadvantages. I can say that academically the message is excellent, the lecturers are patient and attentive to each student. Every student gets an answer. The lecturer is truly with us during the lecture and you see it in front of you on screen. Ono is making a lot of effort to improve online learning for students, so that we will not feel deprived.”

Vaknin thinks that despite all the disadvantages, it is still worthwhile to start during the corona period.  “I have already recommended to my friends to enroll in the Ono Academic College and start studying. I think it is always worthwhile to study, and they started studying on the Haifa campus for a bachelor’s and master’s degree. I think that [my serving as an ambassador for Ono] indicates that I am very satisfied with my college.”

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