A Message from the CEO of Ono Regarding the Current Wave of Terrorism

In recent days we have witnessed the resurgence of a wave of terror that is sweeping our streets and leading to the murder of innocent people. In response, the Director of Security at Ono Academic College, together with the institution’s management, has decided to significantly strengthen security measures – both overt and covert – on all campuses and increase vigilance accordingly.
Along with these steps, we would like to stress that Ono Academic College was established to serve as a bastion of academic freedom where all students–Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians–can learn without fear. As such, we expect our students, faculty and staff, in these difficult days, to be patient with each other and to be careful about any statements or acts that may be construed as threatening.
If we are careful about this, we will succeed, now as we have in the past, in similar, difficult times. We will once again triumph over all the extremists who seek to destroy our homes.
I am confident that we will succeed.
Renan Hartman
Founder and CEO
Ono Academic College