A Letter From Singing Sensation “Nina”

Nina Tokayer, one half of the popular singing duo YONINA (together with her husband Yoni), recently received her M.A. degree in Psychodrama from Ono Academic College. She previously earned a B.A. degree in Behavioral Sciences in the art and creativity track.

Nina was her class’s graduation speaker at the diploma awarding ceremony and afterwards, and sent the following heartwarming letter:

Hey, it’s Nina.

Most of you probably don’t know this about me, but besides from being a singer & songwriter, I’ve also been on a long path to becoming a therapist over the past few years. Being a therapist has been one of my dreams ever since middle school (actually inspired by a book about a school counsellor who sees the good in a bully)…and I recently celebrated a serious milestone as part of that dream and graduated from my masters program in Psychodrama therapy. The worlds of performing and of therapy are very different, but it feels to me that they also complete each other. I hope to gd willing find a balance between both of them in my life. In the picture: me giving over my graduation speech.

P.S I’ll take this opportunity to also publicly thank Yoni for being so supportive and such a partner through my long years in school. It’s really thanks to you this was possible.