Dr. Tami Yaguri

Senior Lecturer, School of Society and the Arts


Dr. Tami Yaguri teaches Existential Philosophy in Israel. She also trains psychotherapists, and is the author and editor of Human Dialogue with the Absolute (2008), The Authenticity of Faith in Kierkegaard’s Philosophy (2013), Solving the Riddle of Meaning (2016),  Kierkegaard: Between Authentic Faith and Self-Deception (2018) and Unraveling Life’s Riddle (2018).


Tel-Aviv University, School of Philosophy., 2003
Tel-Aviv University, Department of Philosophy (Magna Cum Laude)., 1996
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Business Administration and Philosophy, 1988

Teaching Areas

Existential philosophy, Philosophy of Education, existential psychotherapy, Life Narratives in Therapeutic Context, creativity for Behavioral Science

Research interests

The whole point of studying philosophy is to improve our thinking about the important issues of ‎everyday life. The Socratic examined life is a life made worth living. My research focuses on ‎connecting philosophy and practice. It is embedded in Western philosophy with scholarly, in-depth ‎emphasis on Existential philosophy. It covers many themes, from dialectical thinking within life ‎cycles to life’s values and purposes to facing and experiencing the unknown.‎

Selected Publications