Prof. Dudi Schwartz

Professor at the Faculty of Law


Professor Schwartz is a distinguished member of the Council for Higher Education. He has held several prestigious positions, including President of the Board of Heads of Higher Education Institutions (Non-Budgeted) in Israel and Rector of Ono Academic College. Prior to these roles, he served as Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College. Additionally, he has been the Dean of the Faculty of Law and an advisor to the President and Rector at Bar-Ilan University. Professor Schwartz’s contributions extend to public service as well; he was a member of the Advisory Committee for Civil Procedure, appointed by the Minister of Justice under the chairmanship of retired Judge Winograd and Supreme Court President Goren. He also served in the Council of Appraisers and as a judge at the Court for Uniform Contracts. His expertise lies in civil procedure and insurance law.

Teaching Areas

Civil Procedure