Dr. Miriam Haran

Head of specialization in environmental management at the Faculty of Business Administration


Miriam Haran is the Principal Assistant Director of the Center for Applied Environmental Research at Hunter College, University of New York, United States. She has also been a researcher at universities and companies in Israel and worldwide, the Chairwoman of the Remco Green Fund Advisory Committee of the Remco Investment House, and Chief Scientist of the Venture Capital Fund: “TAMARIX.”

Miriam Haran has been integral in developing solutions for the food, paper, textile, and microelectronics industries. Additionally, she’s the former CEO, VP of Industries, and Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Environment.

In recent years, she has been a member of numerous committees on environmental issues, such as Chair of the Tel Aviv-Israel Partnership Environment Committee, a member of an expert committee on clean air law at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and a member of the Sustainability Project 2030 at the Israel Institute for Research.

Dr. Miriam Haran is the Chairwoman of the Israeli Consumer Council, a member of the Board of Directors of the Technology Company of Ben Gurion University – BGN, the Jerusalem Institute of Israel Research, and the Director of the IDF. Director of the “Environmental Services Company.”


Metallic Organic Chemistry, University of Brandis, Massachusetts (1978).
Natural Sciences, Extended Chemistry and Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1972).

Teaching Areas

Environmental management, environmental strategy, environmental issues, sustainable consumerism, and environmental education.

Research interests

Environmental Policy Tools, Consumer Behavior.