Dr. Moshe Davidow

Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Service Quality, Haifa Campus


Dr. Davidow has been actively involved in marketing and sales since his early years. In 1989, he pioneered the establishment and management of Israel’s first modern customer service department dedicated to addressing consumer complaints. Under his leadership, the department demonstrated a remarkable 177% return on investment, showcasing that effectively handling complaints can significantly benefit organizations financially. Following this achievement, Dr. Davidow moved to the USA to pursue his doctorate at Texas A&M University, studying under Len Berry, a renowned expert in service quality. His doctoral thesis, published in 1998, presented a groundbreaking model for how organizations handle customer complaints and has been widely cited in various books and articles. Currently, he serves as the editor of the Journal of Creating Value and the deputy editor of The Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, and Complaining Behavior, and is a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Service Research.


Marketing, Texas A&M University, USA (1998)
Marketing, Tel Aviv University, (1991)
Economics and Management, Tel Aviv University, (1984)

Teaching Areas

Dr. Davidow is a lecturer in a diverse range of courses centered around customer orientation and value creation within the fields of marketing and service quality. His teaching portfolio includes subjects such as Basics of Marketing, Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Strategy and Management, Customer Relationship Management, Service Management and Operation, Service Engineering, Social Entrepreneurship, and Public Service Entrepreneurship, among others.

Research interests

Dr. Davidow's current research interests encompass a wide array of topics, including social entrepreneurship, new product development, customer relationship management, value creation, customer complaint handling, and the strategic role of complaint management in organizations. He also delves into service quality, balancing efficiency and effectiveness, and customer orientation. His scholarly contributions are well-recognized, with his articles having been cited approximately 2,000 times.