Dr. Iyad Suleiman

Lecturer in the Business School - Haifa Campus


Dr. Iyad Suleiman is a researcher in Data Mining and Computational Machine Learning. He focuses on predicting future events, student success in studies, and the effects of sociocultural data on learning achievements and adaptive learning. In addition, Suleiman is interested in social network analysis and data science. He completed his doctorate in 2013 at the University of Bradford in England under Prof. Mick Ridley of the University of Bradford and Prof. Reda Alhaj of Calgary University of Canada. He founded a start-up in the Ofek technology incubator in Migdal Haemek and then managed a software development company. In earlier years, Suleiman worked as a programmer at several software companies. He also studied and achieved a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern History at the University of Haifa and worked as a teaching assistant in the department.


Science and Technology, Technion (2021)
Computer Science, University of Bradford, UK (2013)
Business Administration, University of Haifa (2006)
History of the Middle East, University of Haifa (2006)
Information Systems Engineering, Technion (1993)
Computer Science, Technion (1986)

Teaching Areas

Information Systems, Business Administration.

Research interests

Genetic Algorithms, Machine Learning, and Prediction Models.