Dr. Ben Zion Lahav

Senior Lecturer in the Law School


Dr. Lahav Ben Zion earned his Ph.D. at  Bar-Ilan University and did a post-doctoral fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He previously served as the Dean of Students and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College. Dr. Ben Zion served as a lecturer for over 20 years in the field of constitutional and administrative law.

Throughout his years, he has served and participated in many social-public activities, including being; a Member of the Public Council for the Protection of Privacy (appointed by the Minister of Justice), an Advocate of the Military Court of Appeals, and a Member of the Supreme Court of the Histadrut.

Dr. Ben Zion Lahavn is a volunteer lecturer in public law and human rights. He educates how these impact students, teachers, principals, and supervisors in the Ministry of Education and in the southern region. Additionally, he is active in the Association for Legal Aid to the Needy.

Teaching Areas

Constitutional Law, Administrative Law