Program Highlights

The best lecturers and nursing experts in Israel
An innovative training center for learning and experience in treating patients in emergency and everyday care
Clinical experience at the Sheba Medical Center - learn from the leading professionals in the field


If you have a bachelor’s degree (in a specific field or in general), dream of working in a field with meaning and purpose, and have a fierce intrigue of the medical world – nursing training is the route for you.

The curriculum combines theoretical studies in the social sciences, life sciences, nursing sciences, and clinical courses alongside practical training in fields such as internal medicine, surgery, midwifery, pediatrics, mental health, and primary care. These trainings occur in various health organizations: Sheba Medical Center, Assuta Medical Center, Klalit Health Services, Maccabi Health Services, and more.

Come learn from the best nursing lecturers in Israel and the world. Acquire knowledge and skills to treat various medical conditions and different patients and develop patient guidance skills, along with soft practical skills and bedside manner for effective and respectful patient and family communications.

I Believe
Topaz Ya'akobi
I chose the nursing profession because I believe in the significance and impact of the role in the community. I came to Ono Academic College thanks to the recommendation of my good friends, and I'm so glad I listened to them.
I Believe
Prof. Shlomo Noy Dean of the faculty, former director of the rehabilitation hospital at Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center
The nursing profession plays a key role in the rapidly growing and developing health care system. It's one of the most sought-after professions in Israel and will remain in demand and essential into the distant future. The nursing department is headed by Prof. Orli Toren, who has held many wide-ranging management positions throughout the medical and nursing system and is joined by some of the finest lecturers and experts in Israel and around the world. Students who enroll in this program will be trained and equipped with the latest knowledge, advanced skills, and methods to manage professional, high-quality patient care, along with the application of interpersonal communication skills for support and compassion.
I Believe
Liat Braunshtein
I chose nursing because I love people, and I always wanted to work closely with people and provide the care they need. Nursing combines both of these areas. I chose Ono Academic College because I knew I wanted to study under the best possible conditions, in a small, pleasant class where I could enjoy personal attention.

Our Program Graduates Speak

A shortened course of study - 7 consecutive semesters
Preparation for the licensing exams takes place throughout the semester as part of the degree courses
Possibility of working as a nursing student in one of the 'Beit Belev' centers as part of the nursing students program of Maccabi Health Services, which guarantees a scholarship and a permanent job upon graduation
Possibility of study assistance and relief as needed by the Center for Academic Support and Accessibility

Study Days and Placement

2023-2024 Cycle

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