Program Highlights

Use and familiarity with advanced technologies - the student will be exposed to new content and developments in medicine, to various types of technologies that serve as a basis for monitoring / treating the patient, the use of visual communication means for diagnosis and guidance for treatment and more.
Interpersonal communication - broad skills of interpersonal communication accompanied by innovative practice. The studies aim to inculcate an effective and constructive nurse-patient therapeutic relationship.
As part of the students’ elective courses, they can earn a certificate from: a health coach from the Center for External Studies of Ono Academic College or a certificate of participation in a training program for integrated digital content development, from Lotem and the Center for External Studies at Ono Academic College.


Why choose Ono Academic College for your Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

  • The program features top Israeli lecturers and experts in the field of nursing.
  • You’ll benefit from support, personal attention, and learning with small class sizes.
  • Our innovative training center lets you develop practical clinical and communications skills and experience treating patients in both routine and emergency situations.

If you’ve always dreamed of a meaningful career helping people from all walks of life, then nursing could be the career for you. Pursuing your Bachelor of Nursing at Ono Academic College opens the door to countless opportunities throughout the field of nursing.

Nursing is among the most sought-after professions throughout Israel, both in the health care system and other institutions. Qualified nurses play a critical role in patient care and are an integral part of any effective treatment team.

Our Bachelor of Nursing program confers a degree highlighting a sound scientific education, along with a nurse’s certificate that allows graduates to integrate into a wide range of nursing roles, including internal medicine, surgery, midwifery, pediatrics, mental health, primary medicine, and more.

Nursing studies include theory in social sciences, life sciences, nursing sciences, and clinical courses. Students also undergo practical training in specific nursing roles found throughout the healthcare system. You’ll develop practical experience at health organizations such as Sheba Medical Center, Assuta Medical Centers, Klalit Health Services, Maccabi Health Services, and more.

Come learn from top lecturers in the field of nursing, both in Israel and abroad, to acquire the knowledge and skills to treat patients with a wide range of medical conditions, develop patient guidance and support skills, and increase your communication skills when dealing with both patients and their families.

Our bachelor’s degree in nursing program also provides opportunities for additional certificate studies that allow students to increase their capabilities and their value on the labor market, including Digital Content Development and Health Training.

Strategic cooperation with Sheba Medical Center

Ono Academic College has formed a strategic cooperation with the teaching authority at Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer.

This unique collaboration gives students the opportunity to learn from leading professionals working at Sheba today and develop valuable experience at this innovative medical center.

I Believe
Prof. Shlomo Noy Dean of the Faculty
The profession of nursing is a key role in the rapidly growing and developing health system, and one of the most sought-after professions in the country that will remain necessary and essential even in the distant future. The academically qualified nurse is vital at the patient's bedside and has broad skills to assist in their physical and mental care. I am happy to lead the Department of Nursing with the best lecturers and experts in the field who will train our students and provide them with up-to-date knowledge, advanced care techniques, and the skills to manage quality patient care and apply interpersonal communication for support and compassion.

Our Program Graduates Speak

Scholarships based on merit are available for students to cover half of their tuition fee. (Dependant on meeting specific criteria)
Students receive thorough preparation for their nursing licensing exams that take place throughout the semester.
Nursing students have the potential opportunity of securing a student placement in one of the Beit Belev centers as part of the nursing students program of Maccabi Health Services, including a scholarship and a permanent position upon graduation.
Optional certificates, including Digital Content Developer and Health Training
Our innovative training center lets you develop practical skills for treating patients in both routine and emergency situations.

Study Days and Placement

More About the Program

As part of the studies, students will engage in field work at leading health centers in hospitals, community treatment facilities, mental health hospitals. Advanced clinical experience (internship).

The Council for Higher Education has approved the opening of the program. The award of the degree is conditional on its approval. The program’s safety net the Faculty of Nursing at Ariel University.

Program subjects include:

First Year

  • English for Advanced Students A
  • Anatomy for Nursing
  • Health and Nursing in a Multicultural Society and Vulnerable Populations
  • CPR and First Aid
  • General and Organic Chemistry
  • Introduction to the Sociology and Anthropology of Health
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Microbiology, Virology, and Immunology A
  • Statistics
  • Simulation for Interpersonal Communication and Interviews
  • Academic Literacy for Nursing
  • The Principles of Clinical Nursing A – Theory
  • Pathology 1 (Cell Structure + Histology)
  • Reading, Thinking, and Scientific Writing
  • Theories in Nursing
  • Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Calculation
  • English for Advanced Students B
  • Biochemistry and Regulatory Mechanisms
  • Human Genetics
  • The Person at the Center and Management of Care for the Chronic Patient
  • Health Economics and the Healthcare System in Israel
  • Introduction to Interpersonal Communication Patterns and Patient Interview B – Theory
  • Introduction to Nursing Physiology
  • Microbiology, Virology, and Immunology B
  • The Principles of Clinical Nursing B – Theory
  • Developmental Psychology for Nursing
  • Selected Chapters in Embryology and Teratology
  • Pathology B
  • Decision-Making in Nursing


Second Year

  • Selected Aspects of Gerontology and Geriatrics
  • Virtual Medicine + Tour
  • Fundamentals of Physical Estimation – Theory + Practice
  • Introduction to Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
  • Interpersonal Skills – Patient Training A
  • Simulation of Interpersonal Skills and Patient Guidance A
  • Nursing for Patients Suffering from Digestive and Urinary System Disorders 
  • Nursing for Patients with Gas Exchange Disorders and Heart Diseases
  • Pharmacology – The Theory of Drugs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Diet
  • Simulation of Interpersonal Skills and Patient Guidance B
  • Introduction to Epidemiology
  • Introduction to Community Nursing
  • Interpersonal Skills – Patient Training B
  • Nursing for Patients Suffering from Cell Proliferation Disorders
  • Nursing for Patients Suffering from Movement Disorders
  • Nursing for the Premature, the Child, and the Adolescent
  • Summary Clinical Practice


Third Year

  • Basics of Mental Health Nursing
  • Basics of Nursing in Emergency and Trauma Situations
  • Nursing in Emergency and Disaster Situations
  • Selected Aspects of Women’s Nursing from a Clinical and Health Promotion Perspective
  • Clinical Experience Part I
  • Clinical Experience in the Field – Nursing in the Community
  • Clinical Experience in the Field – Surgical/Conservative Adult Nursing
  • Health Promotion
  • Law in Nursing
  • Ethics in Nursing
  • Health Promotion Project (Clinical Experience)
  • Treatment Safety and Risk Management in Nursing
  • Evidence-Based Nursing
  • Research Seminar A
  • Clinical Experience in the Field – Nursing in Emergency Situations and Traumatology
  • Clinical Experience in the Field – Child and Adolescent Nursing
  • Clinical Experience in the Field – Surgical/Conservative Adult Nursing
  • Clinical Experience Part II
  • Personalized Medicine
  • SPSS Practice


Fourth Year

  • Clinical Experience – Mental Health
  • Research Seminar B
  • Promotion of Digital Content A
  • Applied Seminar in Treatment Management
  • Advanced Technologies and their Use in Medicine and Nursing
  • Clinical Experience – Women’s Nursing
  • Promotion of Digital Content B
  • Professionalization in Nursing
  • Management and Leadership in Nursing
  • Preparation Course for Government Exams
  • Advanced Clinical Experience

Eight Advantages of Ono's Nursing Program