Program Highlights

In the program, you'll acquire knowledge and tools from the management world, including experiential learning based on practical exercises followed by discussions and analysis.
You will perfect management skills such as interpersonal communication, conflict and crisis management, developing emotional intelligence, and mentoring and feedback conversations.
Graduates can easily transition into management positions in various fields after program completion. This program is for those aspiring to reach management positions, paving the way for senior and challenging jobs, and those seeking to understand and create new insights into the corporate world.


Do you aspire to reach a managerial position in the future? Are you an existing manager that wants to rise in the ranks? Do you find that what you once learned about management is less relevant than it once was? Do you feel that this new era requires us to think and act in new ways, and do you desire to enhance your skills to address these changes?

The program of organization management was born from the understanding of the need for managerial specialization in the new era. The field of organization management deals with understanding the organization and the processes that take place within and around it. The program will provide you with professional knowledge and managerial skills to support a wide range of organizational and managerial activities. To this end, various management skills will be perfected, including interpersonal communication, leadership skills, boundary setting and conflict management, creative thinking, developing emotional intelligence, constructive conversations, mentoring and feedback, modern means of remote management, and the development of a flexible organizational culture adapted to the changing reality.

Among the subjects of study:

  • Training as a management tool
  • Team management skills in organizations
  • Management Development
  • The hybrid manager and multiculturalism
  • Managing the organization in the process of organizational mapping
  • The Manager’s Role in the new world
  • Management skills in routine and in crisis
  • Value creation and marketing strategy
  • Business strategy
  • Aspects of the organization management
  • The basics of financial management
  • Managing business negotiations
  • Entrepreneurship and business innovation
  • Positive leadership in management
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Public and corporate governance
  • Game theory and risk management
  • Business law and financial enforcement
  • Labor Law and Managers Ethics 

To download the program brochure, for the 2023-2024 academic year, with the full list of courses (not including the core courses) – click here

To download the information booklet for the 2023-2024 academic year, an MBA master’s degree that includes the core courses – click here

Our Program Graduates Speak

"This degree gives its students the ability to integrate what they have learned directly into their place of work and become the best version of themselves, as a manager and as a person."
Andrey Bielski
Engineering Projects Manager in Intel Development Centers
"In the organization management specialization, you learn about the relationships between the person and the organization and the human behavior in organizational settings. In this program, I also received valuable tools for effectively managing people and diverse organizational systems."
Ronya Kalimi
Economist in the Audit Division of the Accountant General

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