Program Highlights

The curriculum will help you integrate into diverse consulting positions, senior management positions, and senior management in human resources (HR) in various fields and sectors to drive strategic organizational moves.
A unique program that combines advanced academic courses at the beginning of the degree with up-to-date workshops and seminars aimed at fieldwork. Practice current work methods and simulations that provide tools and skills to deal with managerial problems and practical consultations in various management fields. Work in the field in small groups under the guidance of a personal advisor. Our mentors come from within the industry and a consulting company.
Take part in fieldwork with organizations in the public and social sectors for a minimum of 100 hours. Work in small groups with personal guidance from your mentor. Choose from organizational behavior in your current workplace or consulting to various clientele.


We invite you to join a comprehensive and in-depth study program. The only program in Israel that combines a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with organizational consulting studies and practical training (practicum).

The purpose of the program: is to train and develop the students for consulting and senior management positions in organizations in various fields and sectors. Therefore, between the academic studies in consulting and management and the practical training, there is complete synchronization from the starting point of the training to the end of the study and training period. Furthermore, during the entire period of study and training, the students are accompanied by individual and group counseling by senior organizational consultants who specialize in their field, in business, public and social organizations, and within the industry.

The program suits aspiring senior managers and leading consultants who will shape the future labor market in various sectors and industries. The students in our program come from diverse fields of education, including social sciences, social work, psychology, law, and industrial engineering and management. They’re current managers and employees at intermediate-high levels in organizations and play key professional roles.

Graduates of the program will be entitled to three certificates:

  • Diploma in Business Administration – MBA
  • Organization Management – Graduate Certificate
  • A 100-hour Practical Training Certificate 


Among the subjects of study:

  • Skills, tools, and insights on the field of organizational consulting
  • The basics of the consulting approach
  • Game theory
  • Micro and macro organizational behavior
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods
  • Organizational analysis in situations of visible and hidden change
  • Network mapping and analysis – applied analysis
  • Organizational Intervention and development seminar
  • Seminar in consulting fieldwork
  • Managing negotiations between and within groups and organizations
  • Strategy of human capital and career management
  • Consulting and development for managers
  • The corporate consultant in a complex and dynamic management environment
  • Ethics and Coping of the Consultant in the digital world
  • Personal leadership development
  • Teams Development
  • Corporate strategy
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Marketing strategy and management
  • Negotiation Management
  • The basics of financial management


During the studies, we will experience daily workshops and integrative simulations in the fields of consulting:

  • Workshop for organizational connectedness using the motivation identifier
  • Manager development workshop
  • TED workshop
  • A workshop to close the consulting circle, from fieldwork to presentation and professional writing

To download the program brochure, for the 2023-2024 academic year, with the full list of courses (not including the core courses) – click here

To download the information booklet for the 2023-2024 academic year, an MBA master’s degree that includes the core courses – click here


The students will carry out 100 hours of practical training (practicum) and consulting work during three semesters in a wide variety of organizations in the public, social, and business sectors. In addition, students will have the support of other peers in their small working group and a personal mentor from the industry.  

I Believe
Sharon Zur Former VP of HR at Motorola Solutions. Ono graduate.
An amazing learning experience; studies at a high academic level. This program offers applied practical training, providing an excellent infrastructure for fulfilling senior management positions. The teaching staff is professional and available to students. Highly recommend.

Our Program Graduates Speak

"After about 25 years of performing a variety of senior management roles in organizations and business companies, I felt the need for an innovative and thought-provoking learning experience. I’m so happy I made the right decision and chose an academic institution with a soul, values, and social goals I identify with."
Gideon Ben Shalom
VP of Marketing and CEO of the EMEA Division at Bermad